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“Through the years, here’s what we’ve learned. Barbecue soothes the soul. It’s a simple philosophy and rich in tradition. It’s an art and a craft, a love and a passion. It’s provided us with a life full of friendship and fond memories. Barbecue is not just food. It’s a culture. We want to invite you to share in our culture.” ~ Amy Mills, daughter of Mike Mills.

About Mike Mills



About Mike Mills: In the world of BBQ, champion pitmaster Mike Mills is affectionately known as “The Legend”. He presides over the pits at his four nationally acclaimed restaurants, two right here in Las Vegas and two in Southern Illinois (17th St. BBQ).

In the early 1990s he was co-captain of the Apple City Barbecue Team, one of the most celebrated teams ever on the circuit. He is a four time World Champion and three time World Grand Champion at the Memphis in May, otherwise known as the Super Bowl of Swine. He is also the Grand Champion of the Jack Daniel’s World Invitational Barbecue Cooking Contest and he won the Jack Daniel’s Sauce Contest that same year. Mike is the barbecue guru at and a partner in Blue Smoke (provide link) in New York City. In 2008 he was honored with the Pioneer of Barbecue Award at the Jack Daniel World Invitational Barbecue Cooking Contest. Mike was inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame (provide link) in 2010.


About Amy Mills:

Barbecue heiress Amy Mills, daughter of barbecue legend Mike Mills, is considered the industry’s go-to-girl for all things BBQ. She is a James Beard Award nominated author of Peace Love and Barbecue, a television personality, and a branding, marketing and PR pro. Her company OnCue Consulting (provide link) offers premiere barbecue industry education and she consults with restaurants and barbecuers world-wide.

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Dine-In • Take-Out • Drive-Thru
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